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Comment faire de l or et ou le trouver.  Empty Comment faire de l or et ou le trouver.

Message par chebow Mer 03 Sep 2014, 01:56

Diablo 3 Season 1 Gold Finding Guide!
Lack of gold? Not anymore!

In patch 2.1, the Vault ( or better known as the Goblin Realm was added; which has a chance to spawn when treasure goblins are slain.

Difficulty: T6 Preferably because of the gold multiplier bonus, do whatever is efficient for your current gear level.
Game Mode: Adventure Mode
Route/High Chance of Treasure Goblin Spawns: Halls of Agony 2 -> Northern Highlands -> Southern Highlands(Cave of the Moon Clan) -> Festering Woods -> Tower of the Damned Lvl 1 -> Tower of the Cursed Level 1 -> The Core of Arreat

Once you get the spawn, swap to your gold find gear(make sure you can kill stuff though!) and clear through the area, you will eventually make it to Greeds Realm. During this encounter Treasure Goblins spawn everytime Greed uses her charge ability, so delay killing her until all the treasure goblins have spawned(usually takes about 2 minutes). You will known they have all been summoned, when they no longer spawn when Greed Charge's(By allowing all the goblins to spawn you will get additional gold/gems/materials/items).

Potential Yield from Greed's Realm on T6 /w a full party: 400m+ Gold from 1 Run!

After defeating Greed a chest will spawn with legendary items and a legendary gem!, called Boon of the Hoarder(guranteed to drop on first kill), this gem give you a chance to spawn gold when killing enemies(higher chance if you rank up the gem via Greater Rifts; gem leveling guide After receiving this gem you can farm high density white mobs on T6 which takes minimal gear and will result in 40m+ Gold/Hour. Notable areas: Act 1: Festering Woods - Crypt of the Ancients, Act 2: Archives of Zoltun Kulle - Realm of Shadow

Item Slots /w Gold Find:
Helm - 35%
Helm Gem - 41%
Shoulders - 35%
Amulet - 180%(Double Roll on Kymbo's Gold Amulet)
Gloves - 35%
Chest - 100%
Bracers - 35%
Belt - 35%
Ring 1 - 35%
Ring 2 - 35%
Weapon - 80%
Pants - 35%
Offhand - 35%
Boots - 35%
Paragon Points - 50%
Blackthorne's 3 piece bonus -  25%
Legendary Gem - Boon of the Hoarder(Chance to drop gold when killing enemies)

You can also receive additional Gold Find by playing in a group for the multiplier, playing on a higher torment difficulty and equipping your follower with gold find gear during solo play(You get 20% of your followers Gold Find, Magic Find & Experience)

Ideal Items:

Helm - Any helm /w socket & 35% GF
Helm Gem - Flawless Royal Emerald(41% GF)
Shoulders - Any shoulder /w 35% GF
Amulet - Kymbo's Gold or Squirt's Necklace
Gloves - Gladiator Gaunlets
Chest - Gold Skin
Bracers - Custerian Wristguards
Belt - Goldwrap
Ring 1 - Royal Ring of the Grandeur
Ring 2 - Avarice Band
Weapon - Sun Keeper/Devil's Tongue, if Dual Wielding use both
Pants - Blackthorne's Pants
Offhand - Any offhand /w gold find
Boots - Blackthorne's Boots
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Comment faire de l or et ou le trouver.  Empty Re: Comment faire de l or et ou le trouver.

Message par moime Jeu 05 Nov 2015, 23:06

do you kiding me? I don't speak and read very well english plz translate it
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