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patch 1.07 ce soir

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patch 1.07 ce soir Empty patch 1.07 ce soir

Message par Guibor Mar 12 Fév 2013, 23:00

un post bleu annonce le patch 1.07 ce soir


Patch 1.0.7 Goes Live Tomorrow

Posted 11 February 2013 by Nizaris at 18:12 GMT
News has hit that patch 1.0.7 will be hitting live clients tomorrow! You’ll notice the confirmation in the blue post below at the very end.

1) Hardcore characters were never intended to be revived or undeleted by an account rollback. Bringing Hardcore characters back to life via rollback really isn’t in the spirit of Hardcore (where death is permanent, no matter the circumstances); however, when we originally adapted our rollback services for Diablo III, we didn’t have the technology to make Hardcore characters exempt. We’ve wanted to bring our rollback policies regarding Hardcore characters in line with the game for a while, and as of patch 1.0.7 we will have the tools to do so.

2) In recent months, we’ve discovered that some players who’ve lost Hardcore characters through normal gameplay will fake an account compromise and request a rollback through Customer Support in order to get their characters revived. Not only is this an abuse of the services we provide to the community, but it also impacts other players who have submitted legitimate inquiries by increasing wait times across the board.

Patch 1.0.7 is currently scheduled to release tomorrow in all regions. For more information about our restoration and rollback policies for Diablo III, please view the following Support articles:
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patch 1.07 ce soir Empty Re: patch 1.07 ce soir

Message par Gnaak Mer 13 Fév 2013, 18:06

Bonne nouvelle ca
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