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Lexique D2JSP // Diablo BNet

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Lexique D2JSP // Diablo BNet Empty Lexique D2JSP // Diablo BNet

Message par Saderak Jeu 09 Avr 2009, 15:03

(copie de ce topic )

L'ancien topic aurait été long à remplir alors voici une copie d'un topic trouvé par hasard sur jsp,
ce qui est plus simple et plus complet, il regroupe les abbréviations de différents jeux

Link :

Common Terms used on d2jsp forum and On

d2jsp - diablo 2 javascript parser
sig - signature
ava - avatar
rofl - rolling over from laughter
lmao - laughing my ass off
lmfao - laughing my f*ckin ass off
wtf - what the f*ck
lol - laughing out loud
bs - bullshit/bonespear
iirc - if i recall / if i remember correctly
imo - in my opinion
Pc - price check
iso - in search of
ft - for trade
diso - desperate in search of?
brb - be right back
brt - be right there
omg - oh my god
omfg - oh my f*ckin god
afk - away from keyboard
stfu- shut the f*ck up
np - no problem
fyi- for your information
atm - at the moment
acc - account
pass - password
wuw - what you want?
wug - what u got?
ty - thank you
thx- thanks
yw - your welcome
btw - by the way
fg - forum gold
nt - no thanks
c/o- current offer
gl - good luck
ttyl - talk to you later
idk - I dont know
w/e - whatever
cgz - congratz
k - ok
mod(s)- moderator(s)
dmg - damage
LL - life leech
ML - mana leech
DR - damage reduce
ED - enhanced damage
os - open sockets
socs - sockets
ias - increased attack speed
AR - attack rating
fhr - faster hit recovery
fast r/w charms - faster run walk charms
spdc - small poison damage charm
mfsc - magic find small charm
pk - player killer
Id - Identified
Unid - Unidentified
NR - No reply

r/d- realm down
c/i - connection interuppted
gg- good game
tp - town portal
wp - way point
hc - hardcore
hcl - hardcore ladder
sc - softcore
scl - softcore ladder
exp - experience
mf - magic find
xbow - crossbow
xpac - diablo 2 expansion pack
classic - diablo 2 regular
pvp - player versus player
pvm - player versus monster
clvl- character level
mlvl - monster level
ilvl - item level
Tc - Treasure class
leg - wirt's leg
mat bow - matriarchal bow
eth - Ethereal / eth rune
pt - perfect topazed
Res - Resistance
Res All - resist all
PoS - Piece of shit
ng - new game
tg - townguarding
th - townhugging
nk - naked kill
pgem - perfect gem
chips - chipped gems
Cb - charged bolt/colossus blade
ITD - Ignore target defense
LLD - Low level dueling.
Psn - Poison
mh - Maphack
Clean - This means an item that has not been socketed.
Dirty - An item that has been socketed with something, usually with something not wanted.

CoH - Chains of Honor (runeword)
Botd- Breath of the Dying (runeword)
Hoto - Heart of the Oak (runeword)
HoJ - Hands Of Justice (runeword)
bk ring - Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band Ring
soj- Stone Of Jordan Ring
maras - Mara's Kaleidoscope Amulet
anni - Annihilus Small Charm
gheeds - Gheed's Fortune Grand Charm
facets - Rainbow Facet Jewel
ccb - Cruel Colossus Blade
ccboe - Cruel Colossus Blade of Evisceration
ccboq - Cruel Colossus Blade of Quickness
homo - Homunculus
occy - Oculus
gf- Grandfather
bb - Balrog Blade
fbb - Fury Balrog Blade
ffk - Fury Fanged Knife
shaft - Shaftstop
gaze - Vampire Gaze
travs / wt - War Traveler Boots
gores - Gorerider Boots
treks - Sandstorm Trek Boots
silks - Silkweave Mesh Boots
arach - Arachnid Sash
strings - String Of Ear Belt
coa - Crown of Ages
levi - Leviathan
hoz - Herald Of Zakarum
ss - Stormshield
eagle - Eaglehorn
wf - Windforce
ls - Lightsabre
doom - Doombringer / Runeword
Waters - waterwalks
GC - Grand charm
Skiller - GC with +to a certain skill tree
sc - Small charm
290 - 290 poison damage small charm
T-gods - Thundergods vigor
Shako - Halequin crest Shako
Valor - Arkaine's Valor Barlrog Skin
trangs - Trang-Oul's set peices
tals - Tal Rasha's set peices
ik - Immortal King set peices
mavs - Mavina's set peices
gris - Griswold's set peices
nats - Natalya's set peices
bk - Bul Kathos
40/15 ias - 40 ED, IAS jewel, most of these are dupes.
40/15 Max/min - 40 ED 15 MAx damag/min damage, again dupes.

ww - whirlwind
bo - battle orders
fanat - fanaticism
ts - thunder storm
valk- valkyrie
multi - multiple shot
woi - wake of inferno
wof - wake of fire
amp - amplify damage
wc - warcry
fo - frozen orb
tele - teleport
foh - fist of heavens
hf - holy freeze
HS - Holy shield/Holy shock
CE - Corps explosion
BC - Battle command
BoS - Burst of speed
Fb- Fireball
Blizz - Blizzard, makers of D2, more commonly refered as the sorc skill.
Conc - Concentrate, a pally/barbarian skill
FA - Freezing arrow/Fire arrow, amazon skills

andy - Andariel
duri- Duriel
rad - Radament
izzy- Izual
pindle - Pindleskin
meph - Mephisto
big d - Diablo
cain - Deckerd cain
cube - Horadric cube
staff- Staff of kings
Viper - claw viper temple

Barb - Barbarian
Sorc - Sorceress
Zon - Amazon
Pally - Paladin
Ass/Asn/Azn - Assassin
Necro/Nek - Necromancer

Avenger - A Paladin build relying on the skills Vengeance, Conviction and sometimes Fanaticism
Zoomancer/summoner - Nek using summons as it's main form of offense
Zookeeper - Druid using summons as part of it's offense
FoH'er - Paladin build specifying in conviction + FoH in PvP.
Trapper - Asn using traps as it'sm ain form of offense.
Shapeshifter/wolf druid - Druid relying on shapeshifting skills as it'smain form of offense
Bowazon - Zon using the bow as it's main form of offense
Charger/chargadin - Paladin build that relies on charge in PvP.
Zeal bug - When a Paladin using the Zeal skills misses with his first strike, none of the others hit the target.
Zealot - Paladin using zeal as his main for of offense.
Cookie cutter - Common builds, such as blizzard sorceresses.
Ranger - Paladin build using a bow.
Martyr - Paladin build which relies on the use of Sacrifice.

Closed - Closed realms, characters are stored on battle.nets servers
Open - Players are stored on your computer, leaving you free to edit/hack them as seen fit.
Bugged item - An item with mods that it shouldn't have, created by a server glitch or a hack.
Popping - The loss of currently equipped items upon dying.
Drophack - Nasty hack allows you to crash the D2 client of another player.
Dupe - A clone of an item made through "duping".
Duping - Creating copies of an item VIA illegal means.
Flashing - Benifiting from two auras simultaneously by switching at the right time. (pally)
Grabit/pickit - A hack that automatically picks up any magical, rare, set or unique items
dropped, before they even hit the ground.
Leecher - Term used for a player who gains experience and possibly swipes items without
actually contributing to the battle.
Mule - A character specifically made to hold spare items in his inventory and stash.
PI - Physical immune
Rushing - Process of having a high level character get a low level one through the game.
Scam - Term referring to tricking other players, out of items, or thier accounts.
Synergy - Passive bonuses recieved from points invested in certain skills.
Smiter - Paladin build based on the skill Smite.
Currency - The "money" of D2, most items are valued in currency. On east it happens to be 290 sc's
Sp - Single player
Tanking - Getting up close to a monster, keeping it in place. Enduring many blows.
Baal Run - A game specified to kill baal's minions and/or baal himself.
v1.07 VALOR - A poorly spawned 1.09 /1.10 valor, scammers try to sell off as novelty 1.07 items. Which don't exist.

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